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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Government health plans 2022

Instructions and Help about Government health plans 2022

So Monday I told you guys the story of what happened to my wife and I with our health insurance well now I want to show you what the health care exchange is updated to and some sneaky little clever things that Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act does that might irritate you a little bit and so watch this before you buy into health insurance for 2022 okay so here we are on the healthcare.gov website I didn't even login I'm at the preview 2022 insurance plans no I'm just gonna do this for one city I know of that is in the DFW Metroplex you're fairly close to it takes about maybe 15-20 minutes to hop on and to get to Fort Worth but the problem is that there's two counties in this one city so I'm gonna type that in right now okay so it tells you to choose your location Tarrant County or Johnson County so first we're gonna look in the county that are actually living which is Johnson sure or we'll just say no or skip all the other so we're gonna say okay it's myself and others yes which this is probably about your average American family here we will claim one dependent and I am 30 out of mil I was eligible yes I was eligible and I'm parent under a child of under 19 let's just say is for your gap between you and your spouse eligible and you're a parent okay interagency let's just say one you know I have a daughter and she is not a parent but she is eligible through Medicaid Medicare our chip okay so say this is your average household especially in the county that I live in well we get to continue let's just say your average household makes anywhere between 35 to let's just say 60,000 well let's just kind of go in the middle and say 45,000 well all of a sudden now person 1 doesn't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or out of their savings ah why is this well when we review our information it doesn't make any sense right especially when you look and see that everything meets the eligibility requirements this is nuts so why are they not qualified for a tax credit well it turns out you probably make too much money so let's see we made 40,000 well at $40,000 your child may be eligible for coverage through Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program so let's go back a little bit and look at our household if we edit they okay you're not eligible not eligible and is eligible all of a sudden if you weren't eligible for Medicaid or chip you do get our savings looky there but only if you pick a silver plan so why would you choose anything but a silver plan because we all know the bronze crack plans are not that great so.

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