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Instructions and Help about Sf 2809 revised

Federal employees and retirees approaching age 65 are often unclear as to how the various parts of Medicare work with their feeble plan the part of Medicare that usually generates the most questions though is Medicare Part B for this reason we'll focus on Part B in this video and how it relates to the pheeba program for both active and retired employees those of you nearing age 65 likely already know that Part A is premium free and Part B requires a monthly premium many people refer to Part B as the doctor portion of Medicare but it's much more comprehensive than just coverage for outpatient and inpatient doctor visits Part B covers services at 80 percent with an annual deductible along with doctor visits Part B covers outpatient hospital care outpatient diagnostic tests such as x-rays and laboratory tests durable medical equipment and supplies physical and occupational therapy ambulance transportation and other outpatient services many federal retirees want to know why should I pay Part B premiums every month when my FEMA plan covers these same services there are some big advantages for those enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B almost all fee-for-service plans within the pheeba program will pay the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay those same plans will waive their deductibles and coinsurance for most medical services they typically allow you to see any provider that accepts medicare assignment anywhere across the country without referrals even those providers outside the plans network some plans even pay for medical services when outside the US something Medicare doesn't cover also most fee-for-service plans will coordinate with Medicare electronically so you won't have to file paper claims after going to the doctor or hospital for many people all these factors add up to peace of mind and a greater sense of security in retirement for others it may just be a matter of dollars and cents it really depends on you and your family's needs if you decide not to enroll in Part B and you're enrolled in a fee-for-service plan within FIBA you will likely have to pay your plans deductible co-pays and coinsurance amounts up to the plans yearly catastrophic limits if the cute care is needed in any given year it may translate into several thousand dollars out of your pocket you should compare these out-of-pocket cost to the amount you'll pay for Part B premiums for you and your spouse per year you should also consider you and your spouse's health status in the years preceding age 65 an interesting NIH study shed some light on when our health care dollars are spent during our life cycle the results show that on average we spend more than half of our health care dollars in our golden years and when longevity is on our side and we live to 85 years and beyond two-thirds of our expenditures will come after age 65 if you decide not to sign up for Medicare Part B when.

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