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Do San Francisco Film schools work no in my opinion they don't work because if your objective is to get a career to get into the film business to make movies no film schools don't work to do that what do film schools do film schools are good the good ones are good at educating people in the history of film in the technical aspect of film but guess what that was relevant in the 80s maybe but today everything they're teaching you with regards to the history of film and how to technically make a film like for example as a director you can get that at Barnes & Noble you can get that at any bookstore you can get that at amazon.com for prop I'm een realistically for five hundred dollars in book charges you know to purchase the book you can get everything you need to know to make a movie to be a director okay now does that mean I'm saying that education for film is worthless no that's not what I'm saying see I believe that it is important to be educated in filmmaking I just don't think it's smart to be educated in filmmaking by a film school that's charging you 20 30 40 50 60 70 thousand dollars that's all I'm saying so film education is important you have to learn the trade from someone you have to learn the shortcuts from someone you have to learn what works and what doesn't from someone it's like anything so film schools do not work in my opinion because they do not get you connected they get you into debt and debt kills dreams big time and so the best way in my opinion learn filmmaking is to do two things one go to Barnes & Noble and spend $500 on books right and to go to a program like the program that I represent the film connection which which places you one-on-one with a real director a director who's making movies commercials documentaries and industrials for a living the best way to learn film in my opinion is to be an apprentice to be a film apprentice and to do a lot of reading you.

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