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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
  3. Add your own info and speak to data.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing SF-2809

Instructions and Help about SF-2809

Hello and welcome to the FY19 NAP Application Helpful Tips video on the SF-424A Budget Informationform.During this video, I will show you some helpful tips as well as show you how to complete someimportant sections of the Budget Information Form within HRSA's Electronic Handbooks.This form collects information about the budget for your proposed NAP project.The SF-424A is the Budget Information form, including Sections A-C and D-F.The first step in the Budget Information form is to make sure that the correct health centerpopulation types are selected for the types of funding you are requesting.The four health center population types are listed here, but what if you are requestingfunding for two types?Click the "Update Sub Program" button to change the types that are listed.Check the box next to the sub-programs for which you are requesting funding.Or uncheck a box to remove a sub-program.So you see in this example, we have selected Community Health Centers and Migrant HealthCenters.Now, click Save and Continue.After you select and save your sub-programs, they will appear throughout the Budget Informationform, in Section A, Section C, and in Section E.To enter your overall budget amounts for the first 12-month budget period, click on theUpdate button to the right of the Section A: Budget summary heading.This is where we update Section A. In the Federal column under New or Revised Budget,enter the amount of Federal funds requested for each sub-program.Remember the total cannot exceed $650,000 for the federal funding request.And, in the Non-Federal column under New or Revised Budget, you will enter the Non-NAPrelated grant funds that will support the project for the first 12-month budget periodfor each sub-program.When you click save and continue, the system will add the totals and move on to SectionB.This is Section B, Budget Categories.The totals here represent the entire NAP project, separated into the federal funding requestand the non-federal support for the project.So, unlike Section A, you do not separate the budget by sub-program in this section.Instead, you break it out by object class categories.This is also a 12-month budget, and the totals need to match the totals in Section A.This budget shows each object category, like personnel, fringe benefits, and so on.Please note that these amounts must be further detailed in the budget narrative.For each applicable object class category, enter the federal funding request in the federalcolumn and the non-grant support for the project in the non-federal column.In the Non-Federal column, only enter funds that will support the NAP project.You can enter zero for categories that do not apply to your specific NAP project fundingrequest.Note that you should only enter an amount in the federal column for Construction ifyou are requesting funding for minor alteration and renovation.Also, only enter equipment purchases over $5,000 per item in the equipment line.Equipment items that cost less than $5,000 per item should be included in the suppliesline.Again, click save and continue for the system to add the up the totals and move on to SectionC. In Section C, click the update button to providea breakdown of.

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